Number 5 Numerology

Number 5 Numerology

Your Psyche or Nature Number is 5, if you are born on 5,14,23 dates of any month.

Your Personality and Traits

You are gentle and fragile. You have an inquisitive mind, eager to learn anything and everything any time of the day. You are jovial in nature and like to make others happy. You make friends easily and are impulsive. You take quick decisions, change, and have a keen sense of making money quickly in a novel manner. Your nature prevents you from planning or making any long-term plans.

You are intuitive, can accurately understand others intentions and can foresee the maneuvers of your partners and colleagues. You are quick in response, giving answers even before a question is finished. Your often-repeated words are “I know what you mean”. You are highly strong, hyperactive and crave excitement, willing to take risks, which makes you good speculators at the stock and commodities exchange. Your ever-youthful outlook makes you like a child with a child, with young persons, progressive and revolutionary and with old persons, wise.

You are stoic in nature, you can bear any calamity with a smile, and you have the most wonderful elasticity of character. You rebound quickly from the heaviest blow and such blows of fate do not leave any identification on your character. You are not influenced by any kind of advice or preaching. You believe in destiny but you praise the law of Karma and work incessantly.

If you are a woman, you often have all the qualities of a fragile, graceful lady, attractive and soft-spoken. You are career conscious and overly selective and feel difficulty in choosing your mate. You do your duties so perfectly that you get recognition and are beyond criticism. You should avoid stress and strain on your heart and nerves. You should not in any case, loose your natural sense of humor and joviality. You should not of humor and joviality. You should not become fatalistic.

Special Notes

For those born on 5th:

You are intuitive, strewed, quick and agile, both physically and mentally you understand your advantages and disadvantages and are quick in judging the weakness of your opponents. You love family life and children. You are a nervous and restless and like to travel.

For those born on 14th:

You have a magnetic personality and are liked by all. You are industrious and positive in speed and action. You occupy good position and are successful in business. Usually you are fond of solving riddles and gambling. If you are a woman, you usually have a good marriage but should be careful about childbirth.

For those born on 23rd:

You are a lucky person. You might get inheritance; you may have to face obstacles early in life, but are able to achieve material success rather quickly. You are likely to get help and protection by your superiors or those in authority. You will have peace and reasonable comforts in old age. You remain youthful and attractive in your later years and always have helpers around.

Interaction of number 5 with other numbers

When your date of birth is 5,14,23 you are under influence of number 5 in numerology.

You are stoic in nature, you can bear any calamity with a smile, and you have the most wonderful elasticity of character. You rebound quickly from the heaviest blow and such blows of fate do not leave any identification on your character. You are not influenced by any kind of advice or preaching. You believe in destiny but you praise the law of Karma and work incessantly.

Your Ruling Planet

Mercury is the ruling planet of people with a Psyche or Nature number 5. Mercury is the smallest planet in solar system, known for its evergreen, versatile, mercurial nature. Mercury is a benefic and auspicious planet and is associated with intelligence and quick response. Mercury is a planet of mixed temperament and dual nature. Mercury is exalted in its own sign Virgo. Mercury is friendly with Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. It is neutral towards Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Mercury feels enmity towards Moon but the feeling is not reciprocated by Moon.

Your Favorable Days, Dates, Periods, Year

Best Days: Wednesday, Friday are also good. These days are better if the dates are 5th, 14th and 23rd.
Good Days: 5th, 14th and 23rd, especially so when these dates fall within good periods of this number
Strong Periods: May 21st to June 20th and August 21st to September 20th
Weak Periods: Early May, September and December
Good years in life: 5th, 14th, 23rd, 32nd, 41st, 50th, 59th, 68th, 77th and 86th. Also favorable years are 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th, 37th, 46th, 55th, 64th, 73rd and 82nd. The number 11 is one of the Master Numbers of Numerology.

Your Compatibility with other Psyche/Nature Numbers

Friendship 5(best) 1, 3, 9 are also suitable
Business 3, 5 and 9
Romance 3, 5, 6 and 8
Marriage 1, 3, 5 and 9
Best Suited Profession Businessman, Investor, Bankers, Stockbrokers
Karmic Lesson Sobriety
Outlook Materialistic
Tendency Atheist/Open to all and Sunday

Special Guidelines

Favorable Colors All light shades preferably green, turquoise, light brown, Smoky Grey and white.
Gems Emerald, Diamond.
Meditation On Goddess Lakshmi -or on Emerald or Diamond
To be repeated during meditation, maximum number of times as may be possible during the period of new moon and full moon. (Bright half of month).
Health You are prone to chronic dysentery, constipation, gastritis, Kidney Problems, restlessness and fear of evil spirits. You are also susceptible to flu, colds, and cough, skin problems, nervous breakdowns, weak memory, blood pressure, and heart problems.
Food Habits You should drink more juices and be conscious of purity of blood. Balanced use of salts is of great help. You should massage your body with almond oil at least once a week. Long morning walks are good for you. You should keep fast on full moon day.

Your friendship, professional, romantic and matrimonial relations with people having other nature numbers is as follows

Partner’s number Friendship Professional Romantic Marriage
1 Good for friendship. Business relationship is normal. Not much spark in romantic relationship. For marriage, it is not a very good combination.
2 Good friend, but envious at times. For business, this relationship is compatible. For brief romantic affairs, it is good. For marriage it is a favorable combination only if you want to dominate your spouse.
3 Friendship restricted to acquaintance level. Less than ideal for business relationship. Romantic interludes are amorous. Not very favorable for marriage.
4 Good friends, but beneficial to number 4 only. Favorable for business relationship. Romance is mutually enjoyable. Compatible in married life.
5 Friendship is limited. Not ideal partners for business. Not a very romantic combination. Not suitable for marital relationship.
6 Temporary friendship. Not recommended for business relationship. Only short term affairs of heart. Not suitable for marital relationship.
7 Friendship is beneficial for number 1. Not recommended for business relationships. Romantic interludes are amorous. Not recommended for marital ties.
8 Not a friendly combination. Not recommended for business relationship either. Secret romantic affairs may blossom. Not suitable for marital relationship.
9 Neither good nor bad in friendship. Interaction in business matters beneficial. Not a very good combination for romance. Compatible in marriage especially if number 9 is a lady.

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