Masik Shivaratri 2024

What is Shivaratri ?Masik Shivaratri 2024

The original Shivaratri means Shiva’s birthday (lingodbhavam). Shivaratri is a month celebrated every month following the birth date of Lord Shiva. Maha Siva is the rhythmic agent of rhythm (death) The moon is waning and weakening during the Chaturdhashi which precedes the Ketu new moon. According to the theory of Chandroma Manasso Jatah, even when the moon is in a waning phase, the effect of this ketu on living beings is to slow down digestion by affecting their eating habits. So that the mind is affected.

On the day of Shivaratri, one should fast scientifically and spend as much water as possible. A visit to the nearby Shivalaya is a must. Those who have the opportunity can do 3, 5, 11, 18, 21, 54, 108 rounds as much as they can. Similarly, during the day, it is advisable to perform anointing rites to Lord Shiva with Maradu Dalas or at least with Ganga water. Those who are unable to do anything, those who are healthy as well as those who have no impurity in the house should fast today and take a bath with three cups of cold water. Lie on the floor rather than on the bed.

They should wear their favorite Rudraksha around their neck. The lamps should be lit on the west side and the Panchakshari mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” should be chanted 108 times. It is believed that those who do so will get rid of their sins and attain enlightenment. If Shiva is anointed with Panchamritas in the temples, the sufferings will be removed. It is said that poverty does not come even to the poor. Myths say that those who, knowingly or unknowingly, with devotion and pride, who bathe, donate, fast, vigil, etc. today, must attain the union of Shiva.

What to do today ?

This day is said to be the day of love for Lord Shiva. It is believed that the anointing and worship of Lord Shiva on this day fulfills the desires. Shiva should be anointed in the morning and in the evening. The Indian kheer, payasam or Rice Pudding offered to the god.

Those who want to fast should fast from morning and anoint Lord Shiva during the evening pradosha in remembrance of Lord Shiva. For Vishnu, decoration means preeti. Abhishekam is preethi to Lord Shiva. Therefore, Lord Shiva should be anointed on this day with rudra or namaka and chamaka. Pradosha Puja Anna is also very pleasing to Lord Shiva. After the abishek, the bilvasthottaram should be offered to Lord Shiva. It is also advisable to fast at least from morning, go to shiva temple in the evening and perform deeparadhana and chant the Panchakshari mantra Om Namamah Shivaya. They should make compensations according to whose position they are.

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The myth says that Lord Shiva is doing tandava mandava during pradosha period. At this time, Goddess Parvati is seated on the golden throne. If Goddess Lakshmi is singing, Sri Maha vishnu will be playing maddela. It is said that all the trinity are in one place at this time.

Therefore, it is said that even if the name of Lord Shiva is remembered during this period. he will be worshipped, and the great virtues and wishes will be fulfilled. Therefore, on maha shivratri day, shiva should be worshipped during pradosha period by passing the rule of fasting and vigil. If you can’t do the things you want to do on Maha Shivratri in any case, you will get good results by doing these things for any Shivaratri. 


Maha Shivaratri Important Timings on Friday, March 8, 2024

Chaturdashi Tithi Begins: 09:57 PM on Mar 08, 2024

Chaturdashi Tithi Ends:  06:17 PM on Mar 09, 2024

Nishita Kaal Puja Time: 12:07 AM to 12:56 AM, Mar 09 (49 Mins)

1’st Prahar Puja Time : 06:25 PM to 09:28 PM

2’nd Prahar Puja Time : 09:28 PM to 12:31 AM, Mar 09

3’rd Prahar Puja Time :  12:31 AM to 03:34 AM, Mar 09

4’th Prahar Puja Time : 03:34 AM to 06:37 AM, Mar 09

Maha Shivaratri Parana Time : 9th Mar, 06:37 AM to 03:29 PM

Below the list of Masik Shivaratri in 2024 as per South India Timing’s.

Masik Shivaratri in January 2024

Date : January 9, 2024 (Tuesday)

Puja Time : Jan 09, 12:01 am to

                      Jan 10, 12:55 am (54 Mins)

(Pushya) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Jan 09, 10:24 pm

Tithi Ends : Jan 10, 08:10 pm


Masik Shivaratri in February 2024

Date : February 8, 2024 (Thursday) 

Puja Time : Feb 09, 12:09 am to

                      Feb 09, 01:01 am (52 Mins)

(Magha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Feb 08, 11:17 am

Tithi Ends : Feb 09, 08:02 am


Maha Shivaratri & Masik Shivaratri in March 2024

Date : March 8, 2024 (Friday)

Puja Time : Mar 09, 12:07 am to

                      Mar 09, 12:56 am (49 Mins)

(Phalguna) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Mar 08, 09:57 pm

Tithi Ends : Mar 09, 06:17 pm


Masik Shivaratri in April 2024

Date : April 7, 2024 (Sunday)

Puja Time : Apr 08, 12:00 am to

                      Apr 08, 12:45 am (45 Mins)

(Chaitra) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Apr 07, 06:53 am

Tithi Ends : Apr 08, 03:21 am


Masik Shivaratri in May 2024

Date : May 6, 2024 (Monday)

Puja Time : May 06, 11:56 pm to

                      May 07, 12:39 am (42 Mins)

(Vaishakha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : May 06, 02:40 pm

Tithi Ends : May 07, 11:40 am


Masik Shivaratri in June 2024

Date : June 4, 2024 (Tuesday)

Puja Time : Jun 04, 11:59 pm to

                      Jun 05, 12:40 am (40 Mins)

(Jyeshtha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Jun 04, 10:01 pm

Tithi Ends : Jun 05, 07:54 pm


Masik Shivaratri in July 2024

Date : July 4, 2024 (Thursday)

Puja Time : Jul 05, 12:06 am to

                      Jul 05, 12:46 am (40 Mins)

(Ashadha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Jul 04, 05:54 am

Tithi Ends : Jul 05, 04:57 am


Masik Shivaratri in August 2024

Date : August 2, 2024 (Friday)

Puja Time : Aug 03, 12:06 am to

                      Aug 03, 12:49 am (42 Mins)

(Shravana) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Aug 02, 03:26 pm

Tithi Ends : Aug 03, 03:50 pm


Masik Shivaratri in September 2024

Date : September 1, 2024 (Sunday)

Puja Time : Sep 01, 11:58 pm to

                      Sep 02, 12:44 am (45 Mins)

(Bhadrapada) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Sep 01, 03:40 am

Tithi Ends : Sep 02, 05:21 am


Masik Shivaratri in September 2024

Date : September 30, 2024 (Monday)

Puja Time : Sep 30, 11:47 pm to

                      Oct 01, 12:35 am (48 Mins)

(Aswayuja) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Sep 30, 07:06 pm

Tithi Ends : Oct 01, 09:39 pm


Masik Shivaratri in October 2024

Date : October 30, 2024 (Wednesday)

Puja Time : Oct 30, 11:39 pm to

                      Oct 31, 12:31 am (52 Mins)

(Kartika) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Oct 30, 01:15 pm

Tithi Ends : Oct 31, 03:52 pm


Masik Shivaratri in November 2024

Date : November 29, 2024 (Friday)

Puja Time : Nov 29, 11:43 pm to

                      Nov 30, 12:37 am (54 Mins)

(Margashirsha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Nov 29, 08:39 am

Tithi Ends : Nov 30, 10:29 am


Masik Shivaratri in December 2024

Date : December 29, 2024 (Sunday)

Puja Time : Dec 29, 11:56 pm to

                      Dec 30, 12:51 am (55 Mins)

(Pausha) Krishna Chaturdashi

Tithi Begins : Dec 29, 03:32 am

Tithi Ends : Dec 30, 04:01 am


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