Protect House From Staircase Vastu Dosh

Protect House From Staircase Vastu Dosh

Have fun with sunshine or refreshing themselves with the wind, you will be on the roof of the house. This will be a Staircase in the house. But is the ladder of your house just for these works? According to Vastu Science, the steps of the house can also be reached at the height of progress.

It is important for the House Stairs to be built according to the rules of Vastu. Vastu defect in the ladder may have to be suffered rather than progress. 

1.Construction of Stairs, according to the rules of architecture North should have the right or West to East, South-East.

2.Those who are building a ladder on the East Side should keep in mind that the Stairs are not attached to the Wall of the East direction. If the Distance of the Stairs is less than three inches from the Eastern wall, the house is free from the vastu defect. 

3.The South-West Direction for the Staircase is the best. If there is a ladder in this direction, the house keeps moving forward.

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4.According to Vastu, the Stairs should not be constructed in the North-East angle. It has to face problems like financial loss, health loss, job and business. The ladder in this direction is considered a symbol of demotion.

5.The stairs of the South-East are also harmless according to Vastu. This keeps the children’s health fluctuations. 

6.People who live on the ground floor themselves and keep the Tenants on the upper floor should not build stairs in front of the main gate. According to Vastu science, the Tenant increases day by day and the owner’s troubles continue to increase. 
Measures to Overcome the Architecture of Stairs :
1. Make gates at the beginning and end of the cushions. 
2. Do not wear shoes and slippers and household waste under the sidewalk. 
3. Fill the rain water in the pot of pot and cover it with a clay lid. Pull it in the soil under the stairs.

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