9 Vastu Tips to Earn Positive Energy

9 Vastu Tips to Earn Positive Energy

Often people are complaining that money comes but does not happen. It does not know where the money goes. You may also be troubled by this kind of problem. Its easy to solve is present in architecture. According to Vastu science, the cause of such a problem is negative energy. There is also reason to go alone in a room or to feel afraid of sleeping in that room. If there is often a drag in the family, then the cause can also be negative energy. 

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Some tips have been given in Vastu, from which negative energy can be easily destroyed. Try these remedies and bring happiness to your home :

1.Open the windows for at least twenty-four minutes from twenty-four hours so that entering the positive energy in the house and finding a way out of negative energy can emerge.

2.Place tulsi plant in the north angles. 

3.Burn the ghee lamp regularly in the house at the worship house. 

4.The flowers and necklaces offered to Goddesses in the temple of the house should be removed on the second day. 

5.Turtles of unnecessary items, dried plants or dry flowers increase frustration. So get them out of the house. 

6.Do not have bad electrical appliances in the house. If you cannot do it out of the house.

7.Due to regular cleanliness, dust and soil gets accumulated on the walls and goods, by which negative energy enters the house. 

8.It is not ok to decorate the idols of gods and goddesses and to decorate them in the form of show-piece at home. 

9.Keeping unnecessary furniture and large figures in homes hinders the communication of positive energy. So keep the only useful items in the house.

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