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Ganesha Shodasha Nama Stotram

గణేష్ షోడశ నామ స్తోత్రమ్
Ganesha shodasha nama stotram

A prayer to 16 names of Lord Ganesha
Shodasha Ganapathi stotram or Ganesha shodasha nama stotram is a prayer to 16 forms of Lord Ganesha. There is another prayer called ‘Shodasha Ganesha Dhyana stotram’ which is also dedicated to 16 forms of Ganesha. This mantra or stotra explains that those who worship Lord Ganesh before starting any auspicious program and ritual would not get any obstacles and if get any, that would be destroyed and the program will be accomplished.


సుముఖశ్చైకదంతశ్చ కపిలో గజకర్ణకః |
లంబోదరశ్చ వికటో విఘ్నరాజో గణాధిపః || 1 ||

ధూమ్ర కేతుః గణాధ్యక్షో ఫాలచంద్రో గజాననః |
వక్రతుండ శ్శూర్పకర్ణో హేరంబః స్కందపూర్వజః || 2 ||

షోడశైతాని నామాని యః పఠేత్ శృణు యాదపి |
విద్యారంభే వివాహే చ ప్రవేశే నిర్గమే తథా |
సంగ్రామే సర్వ కార్యేషు విఘ్నస్తస్య న జాయతే || 3 ||


Sumukha shchaika danthascha kapilo gajakarnakah |
Lambodara scha vikato vighnarajo ganadhipah || 1 ||

hoomakethu rganadhyaksha phalachandro gajananah |
Vakratunda shoorpakarno heramba sskanda poorvajah || 2 ||

Shodashaithani namani yah patehcharanu yadapi |
Vidhyarambhe vivahe cha praveshe nirgame thatha |
Sangrame sarva karyeshu vighna sthasya na jaayathe  || 3 ||


Meaning of Sloka-1 : The various names and associated forms of God Ganesha are enumerated and need to be meditated upon here – the one with an auspicious face, the single tusked Lord, the one who is of red color, the one with the ears of an elephant, the one with a big stomach, the one with a jovial disposition, the controller of obstacles, the Lord of the Ganas.

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Meaning of Sloka-2 : The one of smoke gray color, the leader of the ganas, the one who has moon in the front of his forehead, the elephant faced one, the one with a curved trunk (or broken tusk), the one with big (basket like) ears, the one who is heroic like a buffalo, the elder brother Skanda (Skanda is another name for Lord Subrahmanya).

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Meaning of Sloka-3 : Whoever the one who recites and listens to these sixteen names at the beginning of studies, at the time of marriage, while entering or departing a place, or at the battle field, all their obstacles will be removed. Even the Gods worship Lord Ganesh to receive the fulfillment of their actions. Oh Lord Ganesh, the One who has this power of destroying all the obstacles in the way of the devotees, I prostrate before you.

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